Benefits of Second hand items

There was a period while buying 2nd hand has been to be proud of. It was considered as something for only the people who could not afford fresh stuff. In these times second-hand shopping is gaining in reputation. It is possible to sell and buy items that are used on the internet and secondhand shops are appearing anywhere. Here I have listed several advantages to go and take a look at the regional secondhand store.


For the majority people, the purchase price tag on a item is easily the most crucial deciding factor for the buying. In secondhand shops you may discover topnotch clothing brands at bargain prices helping you save a lot of funds. Frequently these clothes are worn only a few occasions and were donated by the previous owner who doesn't enjoy it leaving it around one to provide it a brand new life. In the event you were a tiny shopaholic now you can buy a whole lot more clothing than before while saving cash.

The excitement of the hunt

I am a sucker for this one. Lots of stuff is donated to second-hand shops daily and lots of people buy from second-hand shops, therefore, the turning cycle of items is quite significant. So whenever you visit (I try to pay a visit to my local secondhand shop each two to three weeks), it's packed of new' stuff. I really like the excitement of not knowing what treasure I might find.

Keeping the cash local

My regional secondhand store is conducted by volunteers and all the benefit they make is given to local charities. This keeps the amount of money local (in the place of spending big clothing brands who are located abroad) and also help local small business owners.


Just about all of my kid's toys are instant hand. Sometimes children may like a toy for 5 minutes and they are finished with that. Buying second hand can be a fantastic solution. What I really do is, I put all the toys she isn't any longer into in a box and also donate them about every other month or so. We then proceed to the secondhand store and search for a few brand new toys that she can play for a few months. I love this cycle because she gets something'new' into keeping her toys challenging plus it saves me lots of money because I really don't need to purchase new toys.


This will be the main reason I visit the second-hand shops. I search for fabrics that I can develop in to something new. I've got a zero waste etsy shop and now I always attempt to own a couple of items that are upcycled. The fabric might be drapes or bedsheets, as long as it is 100% cotton I can turn it to something of use.


The production of clothes requires a great deal of water and materials. The creation of some of jeans could require over 6.000 liters of plain water (1.800 gallons). This figure is shocking and I did not even cite packing and transport. After which a few may also directly and up in garbage since it was not sold. This makes me sad. Fantastic quality clothing can endure for years of course, in the event that you aren't in it while it's still in good shape, give it into a secondhand store. You'll make some one happy with it and it doesn't wind up in the skip.

Stop exploitation of third world states

A number of our clothes have come in third world countries. Here people have to produce clothing for more than 12 hours every day. Earning almost no. Usually only enough to allow their loved ones some food. From the meantime in western countries, we buy and throw away clothing like it's nothing. Buying second hand will not directly change their working conditions. However, it might help the industry to rethink its plan. We, as consumers, have the capacity and we determine the way the industries do the job. After we change our customs, the businesses will need to change too. Once the demand for new clothing from countries such as Bangladesh and India declines, they too will likely be made to change and work on their plans.

Second-hand shops are great if you would like to save funds, are looking for a fresh treasure or wish to assist the environment (or all of the above) while helping the local community.