Here area few safety tips to follow when buying and selling online. 

  • Always meet during the day
  • Try to meet in public place
  • inform someone that you are meeting someone for selling, buying
  • Avoid paying in cash
  • Keep your phone with you
  • Avoid revealing personal information
  1. Do your research.

If you are using a platform which does not have a built-in feedback attribute, do some investigation before you meet. Even though a lot of individuals have a specific email address that they just use for purchasing and selling on the internet, it still values it to google their name and/or email address if you have it. If something pops up that makes you uncomfortable, don't participate with this individual.

If it is a high-priced transaction, do it at a bank

The greater the price of the item involved, the greater the risk of the trade. Conduct these transactions at a banking center, therefore, a banking pro can confirm the capital have been delivered successfully.

Meet in a Public Location.

If you are buying or selling a small-sized item, there is no reason why you should have to meet at a person's home (the purchaser or vendor insists that you come over to their house, approach with caution). Rather, meet at a well-lit, public place - for example, a local coffee shop or a different venue that's convenient for both of you.

Meet at the bank.

Creating a big-ticket sale? Avoid traveling with a whole lot of cash and meet in the bank. Considering all the security cameras along with a lot of people around, it's literally one of the safest public places to meet.